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The Cat Who Walked by Herself

42 Missions, 335 Portals, 8 Waypoints. Average time: 7hr 25 min

A long walk to explore Vancouver.

Intel Link:,-122.667527&pll=45.619904,-122.667527

Tour PSU

24 Missions, 136 Portals, 8 Waypoints, Average Time: 2hr 44min

Tour Portland State University. Go Vikes!

Intel Link:,-122.679822&pll=45.506878,-122.679822


Exploring Portland

24 Missions, 174 Portals, 0 Waypoints, Average Time: 2hr 42min

This is the first in a series of 24 hack missions that will take you around you beautiful city. Complete these in order to get an iconic Portland mural on your scanner.

Intel Link:,-122.679554&pll=45.518933,-122.679554

Portland’s Steel Bridge

12 Missions 70 Portals, 8 Waypoints. Average time: 1hr 42 min

Celebrate Portland’s most multimodal bridge; the Steel Bridge. Mission best done on foot or by bike. Start this banner beneath the Portland, Oregon sign.

Intel Link:,-122.670428&pll=45.523315,-122.670428

Broadway Bridge Portland

12 Missions, 73 Portals, 7 Waypoints, Average Time: 2 hr: 5min

Celebrate Portland’s very own Broadway Bridge. This mission is best done by walking or on bike. Start this banner by the Union Station / NW 5th & Glisan MAX Station.

Intel Link:,-122.677105&pll=45.52797,-122.677105

Downtown DB Redux

18 Missions, 63 Portals, 46 Waypoints Average TIme: 1hr 3min

Visit Portland’s downtown core, and get a cool banner mission for it. This is an 18-part mission, so be ready to walk and explore.

Intel Link:,-122.677427&pll=45.51923,-122.677427


Tilikum Crossing

6 Missions, 34 Portals, 3 Waypoints, Average Time: 1hr 6min

This mission series is meant to be done directly after Hawthorne Bridge series and loops you back to OMSI where previous missions started. This set is best done on foot or bike.

Intel Link:,-122.675601&pll=45.509109,-122.675601


Hawthorne Bridge Mural

12 Missions, 47 Portals, 11 Waypoints 14 Questions Average Time: 1hr 45min

#1 /12 – Opened on December 19, 1910 it is the oldest vertical-lift bridge in operation in the U.S. and the oldest highway bridge in Portland. Take a walk around and over it to complete this mural.

Intel Link:,-122.665906&pll=45.507451,-122.665906

Morrison Twilight

12 Missions, 76 Portals, 3 Waypoints, Average Time: 1hr 36min

Celebrate Portland’s Morrison Bridge, one of the busiest in the city. Route best done by bike or on foot. Start this banner at Pioneer Courthouse Square.


Intel Link:,-122.679438&pll=45.518714,-122.679438

Bridge at Night

12 Missions, 77 Portals, 7 Waypoints Average Time: 3hr 3min

A 12 part banner of Portland’s newest bridge. Best done by walking or by bike. Start your banner off by walking around OMSI, easily assessable from the MAX Orange Line.

Intel Link:,-122.664466&pll=45.508233,-122.664466

Steel Bridge

18 Missions, 98 Portals, 10 Waypoints, Average Time: 2hr 32min

A banner mission that highlights the Steel Bridge, one of Portland’s beautiful bridges.


Intel Link:,-122.646488&pll=45.531175,-122.646488


Welcome 2 PDX Banner

48 Missions, 103 Portals, 123 Waypoints, Average Time: 2hr 52min

Portland, Oregon’s largest city, sits on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood. Take a walk and explore its parks, bridges and bicycle paths and food.

Intel Link:,-122.679382&pll=45.519196,-122.679382


Portlandia Filming Locations

6 Missions, 32 Portals, 5 Waypoints, Average Time: 3hr 32min

Visit some of the historic filming locations in Portlandia. 6 missions total. 1 = Portland Zoo: 2 = Downtown Park Blocks: 3 = Burnside Downtown: 4 = Southeast Portland: 5 = Mississippi: 6 = NoPo


Intel Link:,-122.716202&pll=45.509963,-122.716202


Zoo Hacks Level One

12 Missions, 71 Portals, 1 Waypoint, Average Time: 48min

Missions start at:

Portland City Hall, Crystal Ballroom, The Screen Door, Irving City Park, NoPo / PCC

Hello agents! It’s time to move! Enjoy your day at the Oregon Zoo. Do a couple missions in order, get a banner! Level one is simple: walk, hack, any order. This is the first of twelve missions.


Intel Link:,-122.715879&pll=45.510267,-122.715879

Ft Vancouver Barracks

18 MIssions, 77 Portals, 18 Captures, 80 Hacks, 5 Mods, 5 Waypoints, Average Time: 2hr 28min

Take a walk in here at the Fort Vancouver Barracks of Washington in order. Make sure you’re ready incase it rains! Enjoy the history and scenery this wonderful landmark provides!

Intel Link:,-122.666547&pll=45.627222,-122.666547

Tigard Triangle

3 Missions, 19 Portals, Average Time 57min

This three-part banner will take you through the Tigard Triangle. Good luck, as agents have disappeared here under mysterious circumstances.

Intel Link:,-122.745872&pll=45.422695,-122.745872



Take the Lake

6 Missions, 58 Portals, 9 Captures, 1 Waypoint, Average Time: Unknown

Pay homage to Lake Oswego, the town once known as “the Pittsburgh of the West,” across 6 missions, starting in Old Town. Originally known as “Oswego,” it was founded in 1847 by Albert Alonzo Durham.

Intel Link:,-122.66245&pll=45.41281,-122.66245


Zoo Hacks Level Two

12 Missions, 59 Portals, 48 Hacks, 24 Captures,

Average Time: 2hr 2min

Hello, agent! Are you ready to move? It’s time to step things up another notch, moving all over the zoo on the first of twelve missions.


Intel Link:,-122.715106&pll=45.510007,-122.715106


First Saturday Multnomah Village

6 Missions, 36 Portals, 6 Questions Average Time: 45 min

A mission that aims to pay homage to Multnomah Village in Portland, OR, while commemorating the Ingress First Saturday event that is set to take place on Jan. 2nd of 2016. Mission ⅙

Intel Link:,-122.715634&pll=45.467594,-122.715634



Hoyt Arboretum

6 Missions, 85 Portals, Average Time: 2hr 9min

This is the first of 6 Hoyt Arboretum Missions. In this mission, explore the adjoining Magnolia and Holly Trails. Collect all 6 missions in order for a nice mission icon set.

Intel Link:,-122.715967&pll=45.515017,-122.715967


Explore Tigard

6 Missions, 59 Portals, 3 Waypoints, Average Time: Unknown

Explore Tigard’s Durham road were you can find Tigard High School, Cook’s Park, churches and a shopping plaza. Complete all six missions, in order, for a special line on your mission log.


Intel Link:,-122.794947&pll=45.405032,-122.794947


Cook Park Area

4 Missions, 26 Portals, Average Time: 1hr 49min

A tour of Cook Park, and the areas around Tigard High School

Intel Link:,-122.774608&pll=45.396929,-122.774608


Hillsboro We're Growing Great Things

18 Missions, 140 Portals, 3 Waypoints,

Once a sleepy agricultural town, Hillsboro is now the 5th largest city in Oregon. This mission series will take you around the city, a vehicle is required. First stop: Civic Center

Intel Link:,-122.988742&pll=45.522502,-122.988742


SMR Tour

9 Missions, 57 Portals, 2 Questions Average Time: 2hr 31min

Come tour the South Metro area of Portland, OR, the origin of the legendary Fish Salmon! With each mission in this series, visit another city that the South Metro Resistance calls home!

Intel Link:,-122.762555&pll=45.449088,-122.762555


Tour of Wilsonville

18 Missions, 133 Portals, 2 Waypoints, Average Time: 4hr 53min

This series will take you to all the interesting sights in Wilsonville. One mission in the series can only be completed during the day and 4 missions require that you park and walk

Intel Link:,-122.796804&pll=45.313942,-122.796804


Tour of Tualatin

18 Missions, 107 Portals, 1 Waypoint, Average Time: 6hr 27min

Hello and welcome to the beautiful suburb of Tualatin! This will take you through neighborhoods and parks so make sure you pick a good time of day to do these missions!

Intel Link:,-122.774466&pll=45.350911,-122.774466


Boxer Nation

18 Missions, 108 Portals, Average Time: 1hr 55min

This mission is best done on foot or on bicycle. It is mostly constrained to the university area with a few excursions to the surrounding city blocks.

Intel Link:,-123.111115&pll=45.521171,-123.111115


Gorgeous Gorge

12 Missions, 65 Portals, 7 Waypoints, Average Time: 10hr 29min

This series begins in Troutdale and follows the Scenic Columbia River Highway east, past amazing views and stunning waterfalls. Some walking/hiking required. Verizon or booster may be required!

Intel Link:,-122.390376&pll=45.540586,-122.390376


Troutdale Gateway to the Gorge

6 missions, 34 Portals, 2 Waypoints Average Time: 54min

Visit Troutdale’s historic downtown, and explore the last vestiges of society before heading east through the Gorge.

Intel Link:,-122.390137&pll=45.540843,-122.390137


Tour of Sherwood

18 Missions, 106 Portals, 3 Waypoints, Average Time: 7hr 55min

The first of the Sherwood banner series. Some walking required on this one as well as two other missions in the series of 18. There are also two missions in the series that can’t be done after dark.

Intel Link:,-122.827414&pll=45.353285,-122.827414


Virid Cascadia


Missions: 12, 72 Portals, 8 Waypoints, Average Time: 25 Minutes

ViridCascadia represented the Omniscient Archetype of 13Magnus at Camp Navarro in the California Redwoods. Tour Portland where majority of the team hails from.

Intel Link:,-122.672755&pll=45.516709,-122.672755


13MAGNUS PWN Enlightened Reawakens

18 Missions, 106 Portals, 21 Waypoints, Average Time: 2 hours

An Enlightened Tour of the Rose City.

Intel Link:,-122.654547&pll=45.531016,-122.654547


Fremont Bridge PDX

18 missions, 123 Portals, 19 Waypoints, Average Time: 3 hours

Celebrate Portland’s iconic Fremont Bridge with this 18 part mission. Best done on foot or by bicycle. Start the mission down by Providence Park.

Intel Link:,-122.68999&pll=45.522,-122.68999


Strollin Sandy

6 Missions, 71 Portals, 1 Waypoint, Average Time: 22 minutes

Explore Sandy Boulevard as it passes though various Northeast Portland neighborhoods.

Intel Link:,-122.580171&pll=45.551934,-122.580171


13MAGNUS PWN Enlightened Reawakens

18 Missions, 106 Portals, 21 Waypoints, Average Time: 2 hours

An Enlightened Tour of the Rose City.

Intel Link:,-122.654547&pll=45.531016,-122.654547


Portland Reawakens

36 Missions, 111 Portals, 44 Waypoints,

Explore the scenic city of Portland by completing these 36 missions. Enjoy the shops, the foods, but be mindful of the bikes, they rule the city.

Intel Link:,-122.69214&pll=45.533725,-122.69214